Sunday, 5 May 2013



Hey guys! It's me...EmilyPrincess25" ((if you remember me that is))

I know I haven't been posting a lot of things lately and no-one else has so I guess this blog is over ((sad face))
I've had intrests in more other things now ((other than stardoll)) this includes
Conor Maynard (pictured) a singer from Brighton (if you didn't know who he was) who's most well known songs include "Can't Say No" "Vegas Girl" "Turn Around" and "Animal",  if you know him you might know his fans are called "Mayniacs" and well lets say i'm just quite a big one of them!. If you're a fan ((or know of him)) write a comment below!
Conor Maynard

I'm also obsessed with Make Up, Clothes and well I also am always SOOOOOOOOO busy!
The list of reasons why I can't continue this blog is endless, though i'll be sure to come back ever so often and maybe check the comments, but I guess for now
this is goodbye!

Please comment on your current obessions below! Maybe your favourite! We'd love to hear from you

-Emily :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hotbuys Runners

Hot Buys Runners Released 
They cost 10 stardollars and are available in Original Future. Click HERE to get them in your dressing room in Starplaza.
Do you like them?
Do you know what the real life version looks like?


Wednesday, 26 September 2012



Do stardoll want to get rid of bidding?

So today I went to the broadcast to write down "Bid" as I had done it the day before, though when I went to look for it under the "B" Category it seemed to have disappeared! I tried again the next day and it still was not there! Do you think Stardoll are trying to stop people bidding on items or not?
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Segment Ideas - Read

I am looking to write a new segment for TSC (The Stardoll Cheatbook) But I do not know what to write about!
Shall I write about how to wear stuff? Bargains I found in Bazaar? Suite of the week?
Or maybe another idea?

You choose.
Just guestbook me on EmilyPrincess25 VIA stardoll or in the comments below!


And maybe if your segment is chosen you can be the featured writer doing it!

ISD Writer

I am proud to say that I am currently a trial writer on the AMAZING blog, Inbetween Stardoll! Cool right? So you can now check out my posts where I'll be doing new segments and also posting them on here so you don't miss out. Cool right?

And sorry for the late post!

Sunday, 16 September 2012



There's been another "Glitch" on Stardoll. This time its the new It Girls soft Peach Pants at 11sc. Quick. Get them before they change to their original Price!

- EmilyPrincess25



Hey! So, I was looking in the suite shop today to see if there was any new releases when I saw that the 38sp  Dance Studio was first on the list, At first I was a bit confused and then I saw that it was 30sd! I am not sure if this is just a glitch or if they made it more expensive as they wanted to take more stardollars from us so we could run out and eventually by more? (Yes I know confusing right?)

But what do you think? Did stardoll do it on purpose or by accident?


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

National Covergirl Great Britain!

Today,I am proud to say that I am Great Britain's National Covergirl for today! I was so excited and I want to thank EVERYONE who voted for me an made my dream come true:) 

Now while you are at it. Don't forget to visit TSCheatbook club and JOIN!
- EmilyPrincess25

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